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  Legal Notice

Notice concerning advertisement under the Financial Instruments


Craft Co., Ltd (we) handles and offers a broad range of instruments and services. For this reason, We are unable to show you in advance the amounts of or calculation methods for our fees. All financial instruments we handles have the possibility of incurring losses due to fluctuations in value. As we do not guarantee the principal or the yield, you would have to bear the risk of value depreciation of the assets you have invested in.


Craft Co.、Ltd(当社)は、幅広い金融商品とサービスを取り扱い、提供しています。このため、事前に正確な料金の金額や計算方法を示すことはできません。当社が扱うすべての金融商品は、価値の変動により損失を被る可能性があり、元本または利回りを保証していないため、投資資産の損失のリスクを負わなければなりません。

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