Our Member

Tomohiro Sakamoto – President

  • Founded Craft in 2014

  • Graduated from Waseda University

  • Specialized in Global Institutional sales in Nomura Securities (Japan, London, Italy, and Switzerland) for 17 years

  • Specialized in Private banking in Mizuho Securities  for 4 years

Masashi Yonezawa – CEO & President

  • Joined craft in 2016

  • Born in Wakayama, spent Saitama, Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Bangkok

  • Graduated from Keio University, Bachelor of Engineering in Information and Technology,

  • Specialized in Japanese and Asia Delta1 trading at Nomura Securities Co., Ltd, Non-Japan Asia Delta1 trading at Nomura (Hong Kong) International, and Asia Program&Delta1 trading at Barclays Securities Japan Limited

  • Enjoys Rugby and Travel, already visited over 65 countries.

Ichiro Ashihara – Auditor

  • Attorney at Law (Japan, NY USA

  • Mori Hamada Matsumoto Law Firm, Mizuho Securities as Senior Legal Counsel, Zurich Insurance / Zurich Life served as General Counsel

  • Graduated from Waseda University, Law

Koji Onuki – Managing Director

  • Joined Craft in 2017

  • Responsible for Real Estate

  • Graduated from Aoyama Gakuin University, Faculty of Economics

  • Specialized in Real estate (Office building, hotel, housing) for investment fund and private equity. He managed total USD 1Bil for 10 years and managed total USD 350mil in HK private equity fund. 

Hiroaki Toya – Advisor

  • Worked in MOF, Goldman Sacks Tokyo and NYC for M&A Advisory

  • MD at LIM advisor 

  • President and CIO at INCJ, Ltd. 

  • Graduated from Tokyo University,

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