Our founding partners have extensive experience at bulge-bracket investment banks, in HNW advisory, global markets, and IB/M&A. Together with real estate specialists, we provide services truly meeting our client needs.


We designed the best “financial service” from scratch, fully utilizing external network & technology innovation. Please enjoy the tailored service at fee-for-value.



We provide research, investment advisory & agency services, Real Estate, M&A advisory, Consulting with specialties for Asia Pacific region including Japan, Online & On-Demand.

Asset Management


About us

Name               Craft Co., Ltd.

Address           FinGATE Kabuto 3F, 6-5 Nihonbashikabuto, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

Established     November 22 2013

Licences          Investment Management
         Type II Financial Instruments Business
         Investment Advisory and Agency Business (No.2772)

CEO                  Tomohiro Sakamoto / Masashi Yonezawa

Main Bank      Mitsui Sumitomo Bank / MUFG Bank / Mizuho Bank

Association     Japan Investment Advisers Association

                          Type II Financial Instruments Firms Association

Our Team



Craft Co., Ltd.


FinGATE Kabuto 3F,
6-5 Nihonbashikabuto, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

Tel: +81 (0) 3 3527 3667

email: info@craft-investment.com


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